The Chocolate Winterspice 60% Hot Chocolate - 180g

The Chocolate Winterspice 60% Hot Chocolate - 180g

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Warming winter spices carefully selected and blended with premium organic DARK chocolate couverture, gently processed into delicious flakes.

Please note: Nuts, soy and gluten are used in The Chocolate Tree factory.

Suitable for vegetarians.

42% cocoa content.


Locally sourced and organically produced, The Chocolate Tree specialize in hand crafted chocolate bars. They are a company based in East Lothian and Edinburgh who work only with the finest natural ingredients, at a reasonable and affordable price. The chocolate they create is of an excellent quality. It is handcrafted in the owner’s country kitchen, and their love and devotion to the product is evident through every bar of chocolate. They infuse a wide range of products from around the world to create a heavenly mix of tastes, from their Sea Salt and caramel, strawberry and pepper to their plain chocolate bars. The Chocolate Tree have a selection to satisfy everyone, from the adventurous ready to try a superb blend of flavours you would have never imagined, which compliment one and other perfectly. To those who simply appreciate the wonderful taste of a plain chocolate bar, which have no need for any extra flavourings. There’s a bar for everyone.
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