Weekly Meat Box with Roasting Joint - £30

Weekly Meat Box with Roasting Joint - £30

Country of Origin: Whitmuir Whitmuir

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This quality meat box will see two people through a week with a selection of beef, pork and lamb, including a joint to roast. Contents may vary, but the box typically contains:
1 pack Bacon, 250g mince, 1 pack burgers, 250g diced meat, stir-fry strips, chops, 750g roasting joint.



All of our organic beef, pork and lamb are butchered here on the farm by our master butcher, Robert Cruise. Most of the meat is also reared here and when we need extra supplies, we source from trusted organic farmers. Being organic means the animals benefit from the highest levels of animal welfare. Cattle and sheep are grass fed and finished and the pigs and poultry are free to root, scratch and roam. We work to keep our animals healthy - so there's no routine dosing with antibiotics.
Additional Information

Additional Information

Country Of Origin Whitmuir
Gluten Free No
Dairy Free Yes