Medium Rib Roast on the Bone (approx. 1.5K)

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Medium Rib Roast on the Bone (approx. 1.5K)
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Country of Origin: Scotland Scotland

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The Rib Roast is a cut of beef which is taken from the primal rib of the cow. It is a juicy and tender cut that can be cut into various sizes.


The Rib Roast is considered to be one of the best quality cuts of meat. It's great for any sort of occasion and once cooked it looks very impressive. when the rib roast is still on the bone the meat takes a lot flavouring from the bone itself during the cooking process. Many believe that this makes for a more flavoursome roast. Although it has a slightly longer cooking time, the Rib Roast will reward you with a fantastic tasting and looking roast dinner.
Additional Information

Additional Information

Country Of Origin Scotland
Gluten Free Yes
Dairy Free Yes