Scotland The Bread Golden Drop flour 1kg

Scotland The Bread Golden Drop flour 1kg

Country of Origin: Scotland Scotland

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Wholemeal organic wheat flour freshly milled from Scottish heritage wheat variety Golden Drop.
Golden Drop wheat is probably descended from the ancient British wheat Blood Red. The famous Paris grain merchant and wheat improver Henry de Vilmorin, in his 1880 publication ‘Les Meilleurs Blés’ (The Best Wheats), gives Golden drop (sic) as an ‘ex parte‘ synonym – and therefore perhaps one of the ‘parents’ – of Rouge d’Ecosse.
Scotland The Bread is a collaborative project to establish a Scottish flour and bread supply that is healthy, equitable, locally controlled and sustainable.


Key information: Variety name: Golden Drop Certified organic wheat 100% wholemeal flour finely ground on the innovative Zentrofan cyclone mill Above-average values for most key minerals Soft texture and a flavour that is quite a revelation Suitable for real bread (with long fermentation and no additives) and pastries, cakes and biscuits for more details, please search:
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Country Of Origin Scotland