Rhythm 108 Coconut Chocolate Chip 40g

Rhythm 108 Coconut Chocolate Chip 40g

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Coconut Chocolate Chip - all day snack bar and super tasty warmed up.
1 of 5 a day. Vegan Friendly. Gluten Free, Organic


In the recent age of unscrupulous fast-food propagation, The Yogi- always a rebel with a good food cause - could not bear the preservative-filled reality around him. Scoffing at the backwardness of foodstuff,The Yogi set out once again to elevate standards. With his culinary savoir-faire and mastery of revolution, he founded the RHYTHM108 cave - a workshop of upside-down out-of-the-box inventiveness in the pristine Swiss Alps - to concoct recipes like never before: delicious AND good-for-you delicacies. With The Eat Real, Be Real revolution underway, The Yogi and his team now aspire to replace all things sub-par from the shelves of your favourite merchants.
Additional Information

Additional Information

Gluten Free Yes
Meat Free Yes