Chard Ruby 150g

Chard Ruby 150g
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Country of Origin: Scotland Scotland

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Rainbow chard is a leafy vegetable that is not only fantastic to look at, but delicious to taste. If you haven't tried chard before then give it a try and it'll soon become a must have in your weekly veg shop.



Here at Whitmuir The Organic Place, we take great pride in supplying the best and freshest organic produce. This is especially true of our own fruit and vegetable range. We grow as much as possible on the farm itself, and we are rewarded by produce that doesn't only look fantastic but is also simply delicious. However as we are based in Scotland there are some crops that simply won’t grow in this climate. We therefore source a percentage of fruit and vegetables from alternative farmers. We are very careful to get as much from the UK as possible, and when we have to go overseas we ensure that the produce we get is of the best possible quality. All the fruit and veg we supply is 100% organic, and 100% top quality, and once you’ve tried it you won’t want to buy your veg from anywhere else.
Additional Information

Additional Information

Country Of Origin Scotland
Gluten Free Yes
Dairy Free Yes
Meat Free Yes
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