Rack of Mutton (approx.500g)

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Rack of Mutton (approx.500g)
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Country of Origin: Scotland Scotland

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A rack of mutton is a delicious and impressive dish to serve at any meal. It's not overwhelmingly difficult to cook an the results are fantastic. Because the mutton is left on the rack, the bone adds to the flavouring of the mutton and also allows it to become beautifully tender. This is a fantastic choice of meat for any meal, and will quickly become a firm favourite.


The rack of mutton is the cut of mutton in which we get the double loin. It's fantastically tender once cooked and this cut cooks incredibly well when left on the bone owing to the juices it creates, as the bone adds a considerable amount of flavour.
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Additional Information

Country Of Origin Scotland
Gluten Free Yes
Dairy Free Yes