Pukka Original Chai Tea 20 bag

Pukka Original Chai Tea 20 bag

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Pukka's Original Chai Tea, is a lovely combination of organic black tea with cinnamon and cardamom. With it's warming and slightly spicy taste, this drink will relax sooth and rejuvenate.

It's especially nice when enjoyed with milk and honey, perfect for a chilly winters day!

100% organically grown and fairly traded.


This is a company that was originally founded by Tim Westwell and Sebastian Pole, who found one and other through a natural interest in promoting wellbeing. They discovered a gap in the market for a uniquie and tasty range of Herbal teas. Pukka herbal teas are creating a fantastic range of tea that is completely organic, all of herbs and products used are certified by the Soil Association and the USDA. They are packaged in an attractive and eye catching way, and their tea is blended in a way to suit your every mood. From their Morning Time selection, a beautiful blend of organic rooibos, honeybush and red ginseng, a mixture created in order to create a caffeine-free lift. To their After Dinner, which is a mix of organic fennel, chicory and cardamom tea, a ‘deliciously aromatic’ drink to help calm. The perfect choice of drink to follow a lovely dinner. Not only do they have a drink for every occasion and every mood, each one brimming with long lasting flavor. They also have various health benefits, as they can aid digestion, your immunity, weight and skin. There is no conceivable reason not to start treating your body better, with this delicious range of teas available.

They have gradually been developing the Pukka range and so now as well as their tea, they also have a fantastic selection of creams, toners and oil. Their skincare range is made from entirely organic and natural ingredient, accommodating all skin types, leaving it feeling soft and supple and positively glowing. The development of this range now means that they now have a selection of products that can benefit your body both inside and out. 

Whatever they are making, whether it's their tea or skin care range, Pukka are very considerate when it comes to gathering the natural ingredients they use in all of their products. They are always careful to ensure that they leave the environment in the same condition as they found it. They also take great pride in securing a sustainable future for their growers, giving them long-term commitments to support them. 



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Additional Information

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