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Our online shop offers a huge selection of quality organic products, including the meat reared on our farm, Whitmuir salads and vegetables, and the contents of our veg porch which is updated every Friday with carefully selected, first-rate organic produce from the UK and around the world. There are two ways to shop.

The first is the usual way – choose what you want each week and checkout using the online payment mechanism.

The second is to become a farm account holder. This way you can set up a recurring payment for the amount you would like to spend each month and that way we can set you up with a hassle free repeat delivery of whatever you want.

You can use the button below to set up your standing order making you officially a farm supporter. Remember to register an account on the website too so we have your details in case we need to contact you. It may take a couple days to get you coded but once your set up you can make orders as an Farm supporter meaning no further payment details are needed and we can also set you up with a repeat order each week or fortnight if you would like.

If you prefer you can also set up a standing order to Whitmuir Organics, Account no 20056125 - Sort Code 16-58-10, though this may take longer. Most online banking services can do this, as can most mobile banking apps.

. The average order we deliver is about £40, and delivery is free when the basket is over £50 Once we've received the first payment, you can check out as a ''Farm Supporter”, and order subscription boxes for regular delivery.

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