Neck of Lamb (approx. 350g)

Neck of Lamb (approx. 350g)
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Country of Origin: Scotland Scotland

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Neck of lamb is a incredible cut of meat, it is best when slow cooked as it can otherwise be quite a tough cut. This makes it perfect for use in stews, casseroles and even soups. It is often quite an underrated, but is a fabulous choice of cut, not only because it's relatively inexpensive, but also because when it's been cooked properly it's a beautifully tender and flavoursome cut of meat.


The neck of lamb, as the name suggests is taken from the neck of a lamb. It is sold on the bone as this adds to the flavour of the meat once cooked. It is traditionally used a lot in Ireland for stews, owing to the wonderful flavour that is created once the meat is cooked slowly.
Additional Information

Additional Information

Country Of Origin Scotland
Gluten Free Yes
Dairy Free Yes