Natracare Cotton Panti Liners

Natracare Cotton Panti Liners

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Natracare ultra thin organic cotton panty liners are soft, absorbent, and breathable and shaped for extraordinary comfort.

They can be used daily as a protective liner especially if your underwear is made from modern synthetic material and you want to be sure that you have
only organic cotton
next to your skin.


Natracare are a company who are passionate about creating top quality organic products made from natural ingredient. When they first started they wanted to create a range of products that were naturally better for you whilst simultaneously leaving a softer footprint on the earth. They tried to make society aware of the dangers we are putting our own bodies, and the environment by pumping feminine hygiene and baby care products full of unnatural, chemical ingredient. They developed their tampon range as a direct response to health and environment concerns about dioxin pollution cause by chlorine bleaching (the extensive use of pesticides spraying on cotton and the use of rayon and other synthetics in tampons. Since it was founded Natracare have won a considerable number of awards acknowledging the quality of their products and the hard work they put into making this world a better place.

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Additional Information

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