Method Laundry Fresh Air 300ml

Method Laundry Fresh Air 300ml

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Two words: laundry revolution. That’s what this is. It’s a brand new detergent that’s changing the way people do laundry. This teeny package packs a lot of punch. The smartclean technology™ uses an ultra concentrated plant-based formula that delivers big cleaning power with just a few tiny squirts. A 35% smaller carbon footprint than conventional detergent, this lightweight pump is designed for easy, one-handed use. Made from 50% recycled plastic it’s a lean, mean, stain-fighting machine.

The high-powered formula is ultra concentrated (8 times!) so it works harder even if you use less.

Clever formulation seeks out dirt and stains the little pump means one-handed washing (yes, really!) and no more messy laundry caps and drips.

Only 4 pumps directly into the drum or drawer for a standard load of laundry. Ultra-concentrated so less water, plastic, & energy used for you to get super-clean clothes.


Method are a company that are passionate not only about cleanliness, but also about the environment. They create products that are made from natural plants, not ones that are chemically enhanced. Their aim is to establish a different type of business that creates a different kind of product, a product that contains natural ingredient, and a products that can (once empty) safely be recycled again and again.
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