Loch Arthur Butter 195g (approx.)

Loch Arthur Butter 195g (approx.)

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Loch Arthur's Butter is butter exactly how it is meant to be, how it used to be. It's full of creamy flavour and is perfect on a piece of toast with a cup of tea!

As we receive Loch Arthur butter in a variety of sizes it's difficult to predict the sizes we'll be able to supply, so prices may vary depending on what we have in stock.



Loch Arthur began making cheese and cream in 1985 and are completely dedicated to making a difference to the economy. They started out with two Jersey and two Ayrshire cows, and although they began as a very small creamery, their reputation now precedes them. Their cheeses have received awards since 1991, and they have even been awarded gold in ‘Best Scottish Cheese’ by the British Cheese Awards. Loch Arthur cheese and cream is entirely organic and is made completely by hand, so as to ensure that their produce is as good as it possibly can be.
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Additional Information

Gluten Free No
Dairy Free No