La Bio Idea White Orzo - 400g

La Bio Idea White Orzo - 400g

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Orzo (also known as Risoni) is a tiny, dried shape of pasta looking like rice grains. According to the Italians, the grains look like barley. For this reason the product is called Orzo, which means barley in Italian. This is a well known pasta variety in most countries arround the Mediterranean Sea. In Israel it is known as 'ptim', in Greece they call it 'kritharáki' and in Turkey 'arpa şehriye'. Also in Arabia the product is well known.
On Sicily, origin of La BIO IDEA Orzo, people use the product in soup. But there are many more ways to prepare Orzo. For example as a pasta with a rich tomato sauce or pesto. Or as pilav with grilled vegetables. But above all, this product is very suitable to use for a quick risotto, called orzotto.


La Bio-Idea's pasta range is made by Fattoria Barbagallo, in a family run business in Sicily. They have been making pasta since 1911, in the traditional fashion creating delicious italian pasta made from the very best wheat. They firmly believe that professional skills are required in order to make really good pasta, as well as top quality ingredient and this is one of many factors that really distinguishes La Bio-Idea pasta
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