Heath and Heather Peppermint Tea 20 Bags

Heath and Heather Peppermint Tea 20 Bags

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In order to make their peppermint tea, Heath and Heather carefully select the finest organic peppermint leaves, which are then naturally infused to create a wonderfully flavoured cup of tea. Peppermint leaves are also fantastic for soothing the digestive system.

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Heath and Heather are producers of top quality teas and herbal infusions without using artificial colours or flavours. They were first established in 1920 by a Samuel Ryder, who was later joined by his brother James with the intention of creating fantastic range of fruit and herbal infusions using only the finest ingredients. They use a selection of natural ingredients that are selected by a team of experts enabling Heath and Heather to produce wonderful tasting teas that are also incredibly good for you.
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Additional Information

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