Greencity Whole Cloves 20g

Greencity Whole Cloves 20g

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These beautifully aromatic whole cloves from Greencity are a great addition to any number of recipes. They create a warming, sweet and spicy taste that works especially well if your trying to produce a curry or stew, They can also be added to sweet dishes and mulled wines in the winter. My personal favourite is to use them whilst cooking ham as it creates a wonderful blend of flavours.


Greencity are a company based in Glasgow, founded in 1978, with the intention of creating a workplace in which the interests of the workers, the community and the environment are of fundamental importance. They encourage local producers and are committed to buying organic produce wherever possible, acknowledging the fact that this promotes better health and diet.
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Additional Information

Gluten Free No
Dairy Free No
Meat Free Yes