Grahams Slightly Salted Butter 250g

Grahams Slightly Salted Butter 250g

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Grahams Slightly Salted organic butter tastes exactly how butter should. made from fresh organic cream which is then lightly churned, they add a touch of salt simply to enhance the wonderful flavour.


Graham’s Dairy is a farm that has been producing milk for three generations, having begun in 1939. As it is a family run business, they are passionate about creating good quality produce, and they recognise that the best way to achieve this is by ensuring everything is organic. The cows used for their milk, butter and cream are reared on land that is free from pesticides and fertilisers. Resulting in top quality produce, that has not only a fantastic taste, but is also full of natural vitamins. So why not try the best of the best, natural milk exactly as it’s supposed to be
Additional Information

Additional Information

Gluten Free Yes
Dairy Free No
Meat Free Yes