Ecozone Purity Fabric Conditioner 1 litre

Ecozone Purity Fabric Conditioner 1 litre

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Ecozone fabric conditioner is tallow free. Tallow is a common ingredient extracted from rendered animal fat and it is used in most fabric conditioners. Ecozone fabric conditioner uses the power of natural plant extracts to keep your laundry lovingly soft.

The pure ingredients keep fibres smoother so clothes feel gentle and soft against your skin with a delicate floral fragrance.

It might seem like a big softy but it’s so powerful, and keeps on softening for up to 37 washes.

Free from synthetic dyes
Free from petrochemical derived cleaning ingredients
No animal testing or ingredients

Bis (acyloxyethyl)hydroxyetyl methylammonium methosulphate, Esterquat, Sorbic acid, perfume.


Ecozone is a family-owned business. 20 years ago, they set out to create cleaning products that work, with no nasty hidden ingredients and no compromises, while working to ensure everyone could have access to them. They went back to basics, which meant that they needed to create products with plant-based and natural ingredients. Plants are the inspiration behind all of their formulas. Their belief is that no-one should have to think too hard about how to lead a sustainable life - it should just be. To help make it second nature, they went back to nature.
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