E-Cloth Mop

E-Cloth Mop

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The Mop will give a perfect clean to all hard floors, with just water – including laminate, vinyl, stone, tiles and wood. The Deep Clean Head will leave floors completely clean, without the need for liquid cleaners or chemicals.
The weave and long fibres of the Deep Clean Head are designed to break up and hold thick grease and dirt, which ordinary mops leave behind. The fibres absorb water fast and effectively.

Telescopic Handle (extendable 1 - 1.5m)
45 x 13.5cm Base with Velcro strips
1 Deep Clean Head with Velcro


E-Cloth are a company that create safe and efficient clothes with which to clean your home. They don't see the necessity of horrible, smelly chemicals being used, and have therefore created clothes, that simply need a bit of water and they'lll achieve the same goals as any chemical based household cleaner.
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