E-Cloth Car Pack

E-Cloth Car Pack

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This pack is for all external and internal surfaces, including bodywork, windows, dashboard and upholstery on cars, boats, motorbikes, caravans, etc. All three products are machine washable and should last for years.

Heavy Duty Mitt
Use for the initial clean of all exterior surfaces to remove heavy grime and dirt.

Microfibre Chamois
The microfibre Chamois gives a streak-free clean to all exteriors of cars, boats, caravans and motorbikes, folllowing the initial clean to remove heavier dirt.

Car Cloth
The Car Cloth is mainly for the interior. It can be used dry for dusting the dashboard and damp for cleaning upholstery and other interior surfaces. It may also be on the exterior, to remove water runs, marks on the bodywork or insects on windows
1 x Heavy Duty Mitt 14cm x 22cm
1 x Microfibre Chamois 60cm x 40cm
1 x Car Cloth 32cm x 32cm


E-Cloth are a company that create safe and efficient clothes with which to clean your home. They don't see the necessity of horrible, smelly chemicals being used, and have therefore created clothes, that simply need a bit of water and they'lll achieve the same goals as any chemical based household cleaner.
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