Dry Cured Shoulder Bacon (6 to 8 slices)

Dry Cured Shoulder Bacon (6 to 8 slices)
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Country of Origin: Scotland Scotland

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Shoulder bacon is a delicious, flavoursome form of bacon. It contain plenty of meat and is lovely for use in recipes, or on it's own in a sandwich.


Shoulder bacon is taken from the pigs shoulder, which results is a fantastic flavour. It's a more old fashioned type of bacon and so is therefore considered the traditional one to have in a lovely bacon sandwich.Simple heat up a frying pan on a medium heat, add a sprinkling of oil and once it has warmed up add your bacon. cook it for a couple of minutes on each side and once cooked remove from the pan. You'll know it's cooked once it's become firm and crispy. Enjoy!
Additional Information

Additional Information

Country Of Origin Scotland
Gluten Free Yes
Dairy Free Yes