Doves White Spelt Flour

Doves White Spelt Flour

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An ancient relative of modern wheat, the spelt grain (Triticum speltum) was widely grown by the Romans. Organic milled spelt grain is sieved from the course outer layers of bran to create this creamy white flour. Spelt flour is ideal for speciality pastry, yeast cookery and bread making.

This 1kg pack is ideal for the cupboard of all home bakers and will let you bake a variety of different spelt loaves.

Please note: All of Doves flours are unbleached. The addition of bleaching agents is not permitted in the UK.


Doves Farm are organic flour specialists and a family owned enterprise with over 60 staff, drawing the majority of these and many raw materials from the local Wessex area. We are dedicated to upholding organic, ethical and Fairtrade agricultural systems, nurturing partnerships with suppliers and customers and supporting local community projects.
Additional Information

Additional Information

Country Of Origin UK
Gluten Free No
Meat Free Yes
Dairy Free Yes