Doves Farm Fibre Flakes - 300g

Doves Farm Fibre Flakes - 300g

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Doves Fibre Flakes are made from sun ripened Italian organic rice and maize, which are steamed together and toasted to create a delicious, sustaining breakfast. This cereal is high in bran and low in fat, making it an ideal breakfast cereal for all ages.

Dietary and allergen information:
Made without wheat, nuts, eggs, nuts, soya or hydrogenated fat


Doves are a family run organic business, founded in 1978 they produce a variety of completely vegetarian organic produce, their products are gluten free, wheat free and in some cases suitable for those dependent on a diabetic suitable diet. Their gluten and wheat free cookies are even produced in a separate bakery. They supply flour, biscuits, flapjacks, cereal bars and cereals, each of which are made with the best of ingredients. They are dedicated to organic production and whenever possible they use Fair Trade ingredients. They do not use any hydrogenated fats or enzymes in their ingredients, to ensure that they make they make the best produce possible. They have been awarded an unbelievable number of awards since 1992,just in 2011have received an outstanding 9 awards, for a wide variety of their products. From their Digestive biscuits to their cereal flakes and various types of cereal.
Additional Information

Additional Information

Gluten Free Yes
Dairy Free No