Calon Wen Extra Mature Cheddar 200g

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Calon Wen Extra Mature Cheddar 200g

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Organic extra mature cheddar from organic family farms across Wales.


About Calon Wen: Many dairy farmers have always wanted to sell their own milk to local people through their own company and in 2000 that's what a group of Welsh Organic farmers started to do. Initially there were four members, now Calon Wen numbers many family farms. We believe in keeping things simple, our cows graze clover rich organic pastures that have not been treated with sprays or chemicals. They also have plenty of exercise and fresh air out in the field and when they are ready we milk them ourselves. Calon Wen pays its farmers for the quality as well as the quantity of milk they produce, which means our farmers are not pushed towards high yielding systems. We take great pride in the organic milk our cows produce and we hope you enjoy it too.
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