Brown Cow Natural Yoghurt 500ml

Brown Cow Natural Yoghurt 500ml

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This deliciously creamy yoghurt is incredibly versatile and can be enjoyed in both sweet and savoury dishes, whether it's added to fruits, or breakfast cereals, smoothies, or in a sauce or marinade. However you decide to cook it you'll recognise it's smooth, creamy and generally just delicious flavour.
This is a live yoghurt and is unhomogenised.



Special Brown Cows produce special organic whole milk for this superior organic yoghurt. All their live organic yoghurts are hand processed on their farm here in Pilton, Somerset, from the rich, golden organic milk produced by our herd of Guernsey cows; the end result is organic yoghurt and other dairy products that are incredibly delicious and entirely unique in flavour. The Brown Cow Organics live organic yoghurts are exceedingly rich in nutrient qualities - we produce our yoghurt using organic A2 beta casein protein rich whole milk only from our herd of Guernsey cows. The yoghurt is totally natural, non-homogenised, contains less than 4% fat (natural), is suitable for vegetarians, is Gluten and GMO free, rich in Omega 3s and other trace elements (analysis by Bristol University show's it be very high in Omega 3's in comparison with other leading brands of organic yoghurt) and is naturally rich in A2 beta-casein protein - so not only does it look and taste good but it is good for you too!
Additional Information

Additional Information

Country Of Origin England
Gluten Free No
Dairy Free No
Meat Free Yes