Breadshare Large Sourdough Loaf 800g

Breadshare Large Sourdough Loaf 800g

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A delicious and light wheat sourdough, with a wonderfully crusty crusty and a chewy crumb. This is a loaf that all the family will love.


White flour, Whitmuir stoneground wholemeal flour, stoneground wholemeal flour, water, sea salt

No added yeast
No added fat
No additives or enzymes


The Breadshare Bakery has been formed by a group of people who are passionate about serving the local community with excellent, nutritious, local bread made with organic ingredients. In the hope that they can help to create a more sustainable and health-enchaning local food system. They cook their bread in the traditional artisan way using slow fermentation methods and, where possible, flour that has been made from freshly milled and locally grown wheat. Resulting in highly nutritious, and unbelievably delicious bread.
Additional Information

Additional Information

Gluten Free No
Dairy Free No
Meat Free Yes