Black Isle - Blonde - 330ml

Black Isle - Blonde - 330ml

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Anyone who says they don't want a beautiful, sophisticated blonde they can spend the whole night with is obviously lying. Brewed with Hallertau hops, this is a continental style lager which carries a hint of honey sweetness balancing the dry crisp refreshing palate of the biscuit finish.

Alcohol 4.5% proof.


The Black Isle Brewing Company is based in the heart of the Scottish Highlands. They are a small independent organic brewer passionate about the production of top quality organic beer. Their barely and hop are grown on organic farms, without the use of artificial fertilisers or herbicides. For the second time in three years, Black Isle Yellowhammer IPA have scooped the top prize at the Annual Soil Association Organic and Food Awards. They create a beer that can truly stand proudly alongside some of the most popular beers in the world, but with the added insurance that their beer is entirely organic. Even the packaging itself is recycled. Beer is in many respects reported to be quite good for you, it contains Vitamin b and is said to reduce the risk of heart disease. So there can be no better excuse then to try one of these full bodied, full flavoured organic beers. Although obviously within moderation.
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Additional Information

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