Barleycup Cereal Drink 100g

Barleycup Cereal Drink 100g

Country of Origin: Poland Poland

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Barleycup is a mild combination of cereal grains (barley and rye) and healthy chicory root.


All ingredients are roasted and later extracted, producing a liquid essence which after drying becomes a delicious and easy to prepare instant beverage. Barleycup gives an excellent aroma and coffee-like flavour. It is caffeine free and thanks to its special grain-composition, it contains no harmful ingredients, only valuable nutrients. When prepared with water, it becomes a low-calorie drink with only 10 calories per cup. It is hard to imagine a healthier solution. Barleycup tastes delicious with milk (including soy, almond or rice milk), and as children see it as their "real" coffee, it can be a clever way to encourage them to drink milk.
Additional Information

Additional Information

Ingredients Roasted barley* (47%), rye*, chicory*.
Country Of Origin Poland
Gluten Free yes
Dairy Free yes