Against The Grain Berry Delicious Cookie

Against The Grain Berry Delicious Cookie

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Against The Grain Berry Delicious Cookies are jam packed with raspberries and cranberries. They are subtly spiced and naturally sweetened with apple juice which makes them perfect for those who like to avoid cane or refined sugars. Beautifully crumbly, and full of flavour, these biscuits are perfect for dunking in a lovely cup of tea.

These biscuits are also gluten free, wheat free and also dairy free.


Based in Tobermory on the Isle of Mull, Island Bakery Organics create a wide range of completely irresistibly delicious biscuits, including the ‘Against The Grain’ range. In order to keep the ingredients list on the side of the box clean and simply, they use ingredients that have been grown naturally and organically. Avoiding any of those unnecessary extras, for example hydrogenated fats and artificial flavour. Instead they use real, authentic kitchen cupboard ingredients. They believe strongly in the preservation the of rainforest, and so when including palm oil in their ingredients they work closely with companies who obtain this substance in a manner that does not threaten the rainforest and its inhabitants. In recognition of this in 2005 they were voted as being ‘Best Buy’ in The Ethical Consumer Magazine. They have also won a large number of various awards for their biscuit, for example the Scottish Food and Drink award in 2006 and the Organic food awards in 2002, are but to name just a few. Not only are they entirely organic, but they also supply a range of wheat, dairy and gluten free cookies. Which are equally delicious! Making any one of their biscuits or cookies the perfect thing to accompany a lovely cup of tea
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Additional Information

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